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Dr. Saket Sourav

Dr. Saket Sourav is a 36-year-old Orthopaedic surgeon working at Coal India Limited in Jharkhand. He loves reading and writing fictional stories as it transports him to a different life and a different world. He is enamoured by the power of imagination and its capabilities, which brings out a variety of emotions in him and makes him experience the magic. Writing stories also acts as a stress buster for him from his practical life. This is his second book, and there are four more books in the pipeline.Read More...


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Why You Loved Me?

Books by Dr. Saket Sourav

Do you know what it feels like when someone likes you with enormous emotions? But you are not allowed to develop an interest in him because your father instructed you not to get involved in such emotional relationships. But on the other hand, you don’t want to hurt him either…

Here comes the emotional play where you are not able to say yes or no.

But her love turns him into a stronger person from an average man,

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Books by Dr. Saket Sourav

This story is enveloped with enormous emotions which develop when a person finds someone special in his teenage, and it flows in the form of tears in both shades—happiness due to her presence and sadness due to her absence.

 This is the story of Soumye and his special one, whom he missed a lot when she suddenly left him with a ray of hope that she will come back again. However, when he met her after a few years, she was unable to talk.


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