Sreedevi Jayachandran

Born and brought up in the city of Cochin, Sreedevi Jayachandran is a doctor by profession and writer by passion. Her love for literature was kindled right from her childhood.  Her favorite genres are nostalgia, romance, solitude and current affairs.   She has written various poems based on these subjects and has finally decided to make her dream come true by making it into a book. She currently stays in Cochin with her parents. Apart from writing, she enjoys travelling, reading and singing.Read More...


The Waves of the Heart

Books by Sreedevi Jayachandran

This book of poetry takes you into a magical world of nostalgia, solitude, romance, free thinking and beyond.

These poems express an individual’s journey through these various spheres of emotions and struggles and it will also take you into a magical world of romance and nostalgia. This book is best enjoyed alone with a cup of coffee and rain. It will once again make you unlock those past moments and memories in your life, which all of you have secretl

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