Sreeram T Veeraraghavan

Sreeram graduated with a Master’s in Wood Science & Technology from University of California Berkeley in 1995 with a near perfect GPA of 3.97 out of 4.0. He carried four scholarships/fellowships while at Berkeley, including the Regent’s Fellowship. Starting off as a manufacturing engineer, facilitating production of high precision guitars in Los Angeles, Sreeram rose quickly to leadership roles in furniture and timber processing companies in nine countries in the world from United States to the Middle East and Asia. Sreeram has experience working with more than 360 commercial species of tiRead More...


Introduction to Automated Furniture Manufacturing

Books by Sreeram T Veeraraghavan

Timber has its own mind. Producing furniture with solid wood requires specialized knowledge and expertise. From explaining the anisotropic and orthotropic nature of wood, its multiple grain orientations and its affinity to water and vapor, this book delves deep into specific properties of timber which affect design, engineering and manufacturing furniture. This book also enlightens the reader about some low hanging fruits in lean manufacturing applied to this

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