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Srinivasulu Kopparapo and Rupesh Nellore

Architect, Technologist & Advisor
Architect, Technologist & Advisor

Srinivasulu Kopparapo is an experienced Technology Solution Architect with a wide range of experience in transforming the Product concept into Minimum Viable Product (MVP) ,bringing & aligning the technology element to the business roadmap. He has experience in handling the complex programs with effective strategies in the areas of architecture, solutioning, technology  modernization, cloud and data. He differentiated himself by building solutions and strategies around customer-first, cost factors, feature driven rollouts and cloud agnostic tech stack. The author helped and discovered the upfRead More...

The Future Architect

Books by Srinivasulu Kopparapo And Rupesh Nellore

After interviewing, talking and surveying with many mid-level managers, technical leads and engineers who are looking for upscaling their career paths, we found a big gap in bridging the business problem understanding and technology solutioning. Especially asking the right questions, factors influenced for choosing the approach, understanding assumptions, finding the low hanging and high fruits and creating an MVP roadmap. This book will help them to connect t

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