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Srirangam Ramesh

Srirangam Ramesh, a Mechanical Engineer, successfully implemented wireless language labs in 250 schools and colleges across the country. He is a part of a research team that enhances the linguistic abilities of the first generation English learners using phrasal methodologies. Srirangam Ramesh has authored Thirukkural, which was written by the Tamil saint poet Thiruvalluvar, deriving the meaning of the 1330 couplets in English and Tamil. He has also authored and voiced the works of the ancient lady saint, ‘Tamil’ poet, Auvvaiyar in his book Avvai Sonna Aram. Srirangam Ramesh, whoseRead More...

Facets of English Language

Books by A Ramesh Rao

World today, essentially needs people to communicate effectively in English. English speaking ability, pronunciation, vocabulary and verbal expressions are important besides academic performances. For every student who wish to have a global career, knowledge of English is becoming increasingly important.

In this book, the basics of conversational English are shown with examples. This is ideal for those learners who want to improve their basic conversatio

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For God's Sake Laugh

Books by Aleman (Compiler)

Humor is one of the most important human qualities. Besides, laughter can ease the physical tension¬ and help your muscles to relax. It is not an exaggeration to say that laughter is the best medicine for your body. Humor helps you to stay healthy emotionally. Humor helps you to release stress and to keep an optimistic attitude. When you feel anxious or sad, good laughter can lighten your mood. The positive feelings you get when laughing will increase energy

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Sri Ramayana

Books by Srirangam Ramesh

Ramayana is the sky; Rama is in its blue,

All across the space, in the light of truth.

Ramayana is the cloud and Rama is the rain,

Of wisdom in life between pleasure and pain.

Ramayana is a river; Rama is the boat,

To float from banks of evil, to the divine shore.

Ramayana is the ocean with lessons in the deep,

Rama is the salt in the food that we eat.

Ramayana is the fire where Rama is the flame,


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