10 Years of Celebrating Indie Authors

Steve Andrews

There comes a certain point in your life, when you become too old to be "bored".Read More...


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Astrroism This is a hypothetical view of Earth if the popular religion was astrology.   The only people who were discriminated against were the Gemini people. The rest of the people from different astrological signs labeled the Gemini people as two faced and did not trust them at all. One of th  Read More...

Published on Sep 4,2017 02:03 PM


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  Distance   A young man named Peter was living in a city that many people wished to live in. He was going to parties all of the time, having a “fun” time, and hating every day of it. He thought that he was doing everything right to enjoy life, but enjoying life is definitely n  Read More...

Published on Aug 27,2017 01:05 PM

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