Subha is a successful public servant, with a post-graduation in economics and an MBA. She is a behavioural sciences trainer, with an unexplainable urge to write. She has been writing articles on banking and economics for a few years now. A very creative person; you can always find her creating something new, be it a soft toy for her granddaughter or a painting for her friend. It could even be a new delicacy from her creative kitchen or a sketch to depict something she wants to convey. She loves to observe people and analyse behaviours. “Bringing up two children single-handed was never easy,Read More...


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“Mind the Volcano” is one of the most iconic, unique and innovative metaphors used to depict the emotions spilling from the mind. The author has tried to compare emotions with lava coming out of a volcanic eruption in the mind and says the control button lies in our hands. The concept of self-esteem has been portrayed in a simple manner with very subtle life examples which can be easily understood by the reader. This book is a treat for any life co

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Books by Subha Tharuvai Nilakantan

Ahalya, Tara, Draupadi, Mandodari, Kunti, all beautiful, intelligent, and accomplished women! Their characters have been glorified to such an extent that the bar is set too high to reach. They possessed such characteristics that no human could ever dream of. If we examine a Brinda, a Nancy, a Renuka, an Arti, a Selvi or a Vidhya today, they are extraordinary human beings too, impossible to compare! Then what is a common factor binding all these women together?

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Books by Subha

She thrives on her dreams, wishing them true, but what happens when life slips through her fingers, and she becomes a mere spectator of events?

Will she be left to thrive only on her memories?

It was as though a numb Vishali was reading a gripping novel about the strangest things happening to the protagonist.

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The Girl on the Windowsill

By Subha in Young Adult Fiction | Reads: 6,156 | Likes: 47

The hustle bustle of the little marketplace, the noises of the vehicles passing through the narrow streets, the honking of the horns, the odd young bikers full of spirit and daring, swishing by, scaring everybody with the loud “Vroom”, the hawkers calling out to the locals, the occasiona  Read More...

Published on Jun 30,2022 08:57 PM

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