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Subimal Palit

The author wanted to join Ramakrishna Mission at the age of fourteen. Order came from the Head of Mission saying, "Subimal, Sanyas life is not for you. You have to perform a duty that is harder than that by being a grihi.” He felt that it was an order from his Lord. He did his best to serve Him by being a grihi. All his life, He felt that his Lord was a shadow in a difficult period of his life. He overcame sorrows only by His presence. He also felt that his Lord wanted him to say about his feelings towards his Lord. He has said, “He is Saint of all Saints. This my humble offer to Him. I hope I have done my duty as a grihi.” Read More...

Fisherman Short Stories

Books by Subimal Palit

It is a story of man who lived for 80 years. Wide experience that he got from mixing varieties fabric in society prompted him to offer the wide range of readers. He has crossed through insight in human rhythm in real day events. It is true story experienced in his life. He hopes readers will enjoy the rhythms as crosses one to other.Title Fisherman Short Stories is a unique events in his life gather for 20 years and his acquaintance with supernatural spirit

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