Subramanian Chandramouli

Subramanian Chandramouli is the founder of Vrddhi Business Solutions. He conducts sales training and sales mentoring across many countries. He has trained more than 7500 people in various aspects of sales. He has trained 25 different nationalities that include people from India, US, UAE, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Sudan, Nepal, Tunisia, Egypt, Portugal, Oman, Norway, Maldives, Malaysia, South Korea, China, Saudi Arabia and the Philippines. He does a lot of programs in the Middle East. He is a speaker at SAARC, IIM – Kozhikode,Read More...


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Don't Spend Money for Generating Leads

Books by Subramanian Chandramouli

This book talks about 14 different ways to generate leads without spending any money. In my 10 years as an Entrepreneur, I have used all these 14 ways to generate leads for myself. I believe it will be useful for you as well. All these 14 principles will be directly useful for Entrepreneurs and Sales executives who are in B2B (Business to Business) segment. For people who are in B2C (Business to Consumer) segment, some of the 14 ways will be directly applicabl

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Sales for Startups

Books by Subramanian Chandramouli

Many entrepreneurs fail to understand that sales, as a skill, is not just to acquire paying customers but is also a pivotal skill in attracting employees, investors, partners, etc. Sales for Startups will help startup founders and to-be entrepreneurs master sales as a skill and help them with simple but powerful strategies that are easy to implement.

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Anybody Can Sell

Books by Subramanian Chandramouli

How are some people able to sell almost anything while many others are struggling to sell a single product?

Most people believe selling is very tough. Sales is easy when you understand the fundamentals. Actually, everybody in this world is a salesperson. Every single day we are selling to each other.

Whether you are from a sales background or not, this book will help you master the art of selling.

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