Subroto Sinha

The author is a retired scientist who used to work at a research institute. He is passionate about writing and during his schooldays he had contributed to the school magazine and later became a freelancer, writing occasionally for magazines and newspapers. The topics of his writings included short stories, fiction, current political views, memoirs of unknown people and poems of the rhyming variety written in a narrative style. He has also published research papers in scientific journals. This work is his first attempt at publishing a book of fiction.

Flight TG-101 to Nowhere

Books by Subroto Sinha

A daring covert action by the CIA to hijack a Boeing 777 passenger plane carrying Russian and Chinese computer scientists to London from Bangkok. These scientists were collaborating on a project to develop a highly sensitive software that could hack computer systems in the USA and bring all activities under their control. As part of the operation, the entire plane with all the passengers, including the scientists, were hijacked and transported to an isolated island in the Indian Ocean, which was serving as a strategic naval base of the USA. Here the scientists were separated from the other passengers and sent to a secret location in the USA in different military aircrafts.

The scientists were interrogated and coerced into working for the USA. They were given all facilities needed to develop the program and implement it on the computer systems in Moscow. A startling story of how the program, which was prepared to paralyze the American computer network, was used, instead, to cause a breakdown of the power system in Moscow. Meanwhile, all international efforts to track the Boeing 777 plane proved futile and it was believed to have crashed in the ocean leaving no survivors. The American government also joined the search effort, officially and offered condolences for the “death” of the passengers.

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