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Sudeepa Nair has written three novels and several short stories. Her recent books include The Serpents of Kanakapuram, a cozy mystery, and Around the World in 2153, science fiction and the prequel to 2154: The Cocoon. Sudeepa Nair has written two novels and several short stories. Her recent mystery novel, The Serpents of Kanakapuram, published in August 2020 by Notion Press, has received fabulous reviews from readers. The book is one of the finalists of the Sharing Stories Awards 2021 for Self-published authors. Her prize-winning short story in the science fiction genre has found a place in tRead More...


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Flood. Rinse. Drain. Repeat.

Books by Sudeepa Nair

A collection of fifty-two short stories from a year-long exercise of writing one short story per weekend.

The stories belong to various genres, are of varying lengths, and are set in the 1990s and beyond, with characters from urban cities to rural villages.

An immigrant in UK in search of the perfect traditional feast that reminds her of home.

A robotic guard bird who protects a nest full of chicks.

A man seeks a better place with r

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Jomo Calls

Books by Sudeepa Nair

Tara lives in the rustic mountain village of Jomo, where the villagers have banned the internet after a terrible tragedy.

Amidst financial difficulties, Tara inherits a substantial uninhabitable forest land on the mountain. However, a multinational corporation with a benign facade arrives at Jomo with an ulterior motive.

Tara is pressured to sell the land and seeks help from her friend, GK, to find her long-lost uncle, Nilaav, who has an equal sh

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2154: The Cocoon

Books by Sudeepa Nair

After a tragic technological mishap, Sia, the ex-leader-in-waiting of Jambudesh, has started a new life in Verdemia as a humanoid. 

Sia now has everyone she had ever wished for— her parents, her sister, and her companion— but she yearns for a life where the humans accept her without judgment.

Meanwhile, the Non-Residential Earthlings from Mars return to Earth. Sharman, their wily leader, has an ulterior motive to harm the Earthling chosen by

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Around the World in 2153

Books by Sudeepa Nair

In the Earth year 2153, only five nations survive on the planet. Devastating floods and moving landmasses have changed the geological map and geopolitical relationships. 

Twenty-three-year-old Sia, the leader-in-waiting of Jambudesh, grew up in an orphanage and is mentored from a young age to lead the nation. Eager to prove herself, she embarks on her first international trip to discuss an issue of global importance. But the Jambudeshi authorities soon

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The Serpents of Kanakapuram

Books by Sudeepa Nair

On a professional trip, Meera Mohan finds herself stuck in the quaint little village of Kanakapuram amidst unprecedented floods in the state of Kerala. She is fascinated by the story of a haunted house, its serpent grove, and cherishes her new friendships.

Bhuvanamma, a gentle old widow who is also an excellent cook, Hussain, the caretaker at the company guest house, Unni and Rani, a young couple torn between their respective ambitions, Leena, an ethnob

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When Death Do Us Part: The Locum

By Sudeepa Nair in Sci-fi | Reads: 2,977 | Likes: 0

Her feeble hand rose in anticipation as she saw her husband walk into the room. He smiled radiantly at her. She could only manage a whimper.  “Hello dear, how are you?” She nodded. That familiar greeting was enough to brighten up her day. “Did you...did you…?” She  Read More...

Published on Jul 5,2017 12:57 PM

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