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Sudesh Gogia

Sudesh Gogia is an explorer, who is always in pursuit of life and the mysticism it has to offer. He feels that the human mind is both an enemy and a friend to the progress of mankind. The human mind perennially spawns desires and there is never a moment when it feels content and full of ecstasy Whenever his soul is disturbed by troubles and concerns, when tears refuse to stay in the eyes, and when some mysterious forces work towards rattling his tranquility, his emotions get translated into words and into poetry. It is only then that his mind becomes still and full of joy and happiness.


Bring up your ‘never-say-die-attitude’. Why are you thinking of hanging your boots now? You have to live beyond 100 years with health, happiness and ecstasy.

Do justice to your life-style. Eat wisely, live intelligently and wholesomely. Inculcate integral yoga in life. Walk with Nature amidst greenery, trees and colorful flowers. Be pretty friendly with people around you.

Never treat yourself an aged uncle or aunty!

Feel younger, more healthy more energetic and this enthusiasm will reflect in all areas of your life!

Occasional int...

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The book ‘Registaan Lahlahata Hua Upvan Banne Keliye Bekraar Hai…’, is a compilation of some of the heartfelt poems penned by Sudesh Gogia, a versatile and popular member of the poetry circle. The poems are a reflection of the author’s thoughts on a range of themes, written in a language that is both simple and intriguing. Sudesh believes that today’s generation is troubled by superstitious beliefs,rampant corruption and blind traditional practices. He has penned these poems to bring the youth out of these hindrances that prevail the society. The book is all set to leave a lasting impact on readers. Gear up for a scintillating read. ...

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Age is no barrier to living a complete and fulfilled life. With age, an individual becomes calmer, less stressed and relaxed. Thus, a happy and enjoyable life opens up for you. Through his various essays, Prof. Sudesh Gogia allows you insights into how you can do this. Bring romance into your life, go for candlelight dinners, work out and be healthy, happy and full of humour… Walk with Nature amidst greenery, trees and plants… These and more are what make this book a must pick-up for those looking to bring peace and tranquility into their lives. ...

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