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Prof. Gogia is not only an Engineer, he’s a Scientist of the inner-self. His approach is that of a Scientific mind’s. He is a poet and a rare flower. Through this Book, BEATITUDE OF LIFE: THE ULTIMATE PATH,he takes you on a journey of the INNER LIFE. He is a mathematician of the ultimate poetry. He analyzes and dissects but his aim is synthesis. That is why he impresses the western mind immensely! He is a paradox but never uses paradoxical language by way of his books. To understand him is as easy as to understand a smiling-witty and humorous person. His articles speak to your intellect, but his aim, and target is your heart. This is how you always remember him. Sometimes you go through reasoning; you don’t avoid it. Now listen to his mind through the words and message contained therein.



Books by Sudesh Gogia

Prof. Sudesh Gogia, with his intellectual, spiritual and abstract reasoning, has tried to answer all questions related to the modern man’s psyche. He spells out penetrating thoughts in his present book Phool Khile Hai Gulshan-Gulshan which contains a great message to humanity as to how to boost the intense life of abundance which Nature has given us.

He believes in Action which is the insignia of life. The Beauty of Action keeps the body young while the mind rests in peace and tranquility. Shri Gogia says, “Everyone believes work is tiring.” Yet he emphatically believes, “Work can never tire you. What tires you is your mind’s worries and tensions. The mind either wanders in the past and its anxieties or is engrossed in the future. Let your intellect control the mind and shed day-to-day tensions and worries. It will prove a prolific experience to enjoy Phool Khile Hai Gulshan-Gulshan  which is the ultimate path. Keep your own being the beneficiary. Enjoy the tranquility, ecstasy and joy that the life gives you. You’ll find yourself living fully, freely and rewardingly.”


Read these rib-tickling articles and quips and enlarge your vision. When feeling low, catch spiritual, positive thoughts from his book and you’ll immediately enrich and rejuvenate your being. Your spirits will be lifted. This is indeed a blossoming of a noble soul helping the human suffering in the spiritual way.

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Beatitude of Life : The Ultimate Path

Books by Sudesh Gogia

Beatitude of Life: The Ultimate Path says that the body is illumined by the effulgent spirit from within. Prof. Gogia draws inspiration from the spiritual paths and teachers of humanity.

Life has become too serious and stressful causing many mental ailments and problems. Through rib-tickling articles, quips and sutras for joyful living, the book will take you to a world full of romance, beauty and joy of life. You will celebrate life. Today’s life’s is snatching the cheerfulness and happiness in materialism of life. The book will be a precious and priceless possession that you’ll always keep at your work-desk!


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Feel Younger, Live Longer

Books by Sudesh Gogia

The greatest curse of the 21st century is violence, stress and hypertension, followed by numerous diseases from BP, diabetes, depression to cancer. This has robbed the human race of its natural smile. This book attempts to heal humans of today and help them enhance their lives with joy.

Feel Younger, Live Longer will take you to a breezy world and bring romance into your life. Prof. Sudesh Gogia’s intrinsic insightfulness and bold romantic style will help you tap the unexplored reservoir of energy lying within you.

The book will make you cheerful, and ecstasy will accompany you, even at your work desk. You will start to live in a world that’s decorated with peace, harmony and joy. You will celebrate every day with better health and vitality.

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Uss Paar Jaana Hai

Books by Sudesh Gogia

Bring up your ‘never-say-die-attitude’. Why are you thinking of hanging your boots now? You have to live beyond 100 years with health, happiness and ecstasy.

Do justice to your life-style. Eat wisely, live intelligently and wholesomely. Inculcate integral yoga in life. Walk with Nature amidst greenery, trees and colorful flowers. Be pretty friendly with people around you.

Never treat yourself an aged uncle or aunty!

Feel younger, more healthy more energetic and this enthusiasm will reflect in all areas of your life!

Occasional inter sessions and play-out with your sons, daughters, grandchildren and friends will boost your energy level.

You’ll be instantly charged and will never feel old or a spent force.

You’ll finally understand how beautiful and enchanting life is and life’s journey is full of joy and ecstasy.

These are the psychological and spiritual needs of the hour.

You’re already a smarter more well-informed rationalized merry-go-round individual.

You’re possessed with latest gadgets that digital technology have provided – Whats App, IT, smart phone, mobile etc.

Yet you have to go beyond ‘mind and reason’ towards higher dimension of consciousness for evolutionary fulfillment…

The ‘educational technology’ of the future will not emerge from present-day new emergences, but from a comprehensive understanding of the levels of consciousness and Integral yoga, which will help man of this 21st century to become a fully conscious participant and collaborator in the evolutionary endeavour of Universal Nature.

Universal fact is true that we’re living in a fast changing world. The human knowledge, thanks to science, multiplying itself leading to a explosion level!

The pertinent question before the man, since century’s remains the same.

Who am I?

The purpose of life today as well as tomorrow is to help the individual to ‘know’ ‘himself’, ‘love thyself’ as even Socrates asked himself decades back!

So long as the individual is ignorant of his ‘real self’, his potential, aim and mission of life, can’t contribute in a creative manner towards his own growth, and development of world!

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Registaan Lahlahata Hua Upvan Banne Keliye Bekraar Hai…

Books by Sudesh Gogia

The book ‘Registaan Lahlahata Hua Upvan Banne Keliye Bekraar Hai…’, is a compilation of some of the heartfelt poems penned by Sudesh Gogia, a versatile and popular member of the poetry circle. The poems are a reflection of the author’s thoughts on a range of themes, written in a language that is both simple and intriguing. Sudesh believes that today’s generation is troubled by superstitious beliefs,rampant corruption and blind traditional practices. He has penned these poems to bring the youth out of these hindrances that prevail the society. The book is all set to leave a lasting impact on readers. Gear up for a scintillating read.

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The Magic of Health, Laughter and Longevity

Books by Sudesh Gogia

Age is no barrier to living a complete and fulfilled life. With age, an individual becomes calmer, less stressed and relaxed.

Thus, a happy and enjoyable life opens up for you. Through his various essays, Prof. Sudesh Gogia allows you insights into how you can do this.

Bring romance into your life, go for candlelight dinners, work out and be healthy, happy and full of humour… Walk with Nature amidst greenery, trees and plants…

These and more are what make this book a must pick-up for those looking to bring peace and tranquility into their lives.

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