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Sudhir Menon

Retired sales & marketing professional, college gold medallist and published author.
Retired sales & marketing professional, college gold medallist and published author.

The author, Sudhir Menon, has been a senior sales and marketing professional in the FMCG sector, with several years of experience. Over the years, in his spare time, he has had a penchant for writing various short stories, articles and poems in newspapers and magazines and has honed his skills as a prolific writer. He is fond of writing in all genres and excels in stories relating to crime, adventure and drama. This book is the author’s first attempt at writing a novel by putting together his ideas to mould a plot related to crime. Sudhir stays in Bengaluru with his wife.Read More...


Books by Sudhir Menon

In a small village in the taluk of Kuttanad in Kerala, a farmer, his wife and three sons live a poverty-ridden life, where they struggle to eke out a living. Chathu, his wife Parukutty and their eldest son Arumugan pool together their meagre daily-wages, while their second son, Bipin, earns some tips doled out by inmates of neighbouring dwellings for bringing groceries and provisions from the market. Bhuvan, the youngest son and the protagonist of the story, i

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A Ghastly Trail

Books by Sudhir Menon

Rajesh Saxena, a successful entrepreneur in the meat export business, is embroiled in a business dispute with a key customer. In trying for a resolution, he gets involved in a crime he had no intention of committing. Not willing to surrender to the law, he applies all his skills and resourcefulness to cover his tracks. However, in spite of being the master strategist that he is, there are some slips that tell their own story. One leads to the other and then an

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A  SUBLIME  REUNION   It was the beginning of autumn. After the sweltering heat of the summer, the onset of autumn was a major relief for the citizens of Indore. In the small nuclear household of Dushyant, the only other occupant being his wife Shobha, plans were afoot to take a break from their   Read More...

Published on Feb 18,2021 10:28 AM

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