Sugata Sarkar

Myriads of personalities blend to define Sugata Sarkar. A Singapore based quintessential technology thought leader and Managing Director by profession, an avid painter, a pensive historian, a restless philosopher, and much more. In his profession as well as his artistic work, he loves to challenge foundational pillars of the world, construes deep meanings from mundane situations and drives home a point with his punchy aphorism. Locked down in the home-office studio, the random musings of the revolutionary mind triggered the creation of the emotional, ethereal and engaging verses.Read More...


Pandemic Hues

Books by Sugata Sarkar

Pandemic Hues is a collection of poems exploring the catharsis of human emotions. Lockdown and Social Distancing – the new terms for age-old societal nuances, with quarantined beliefs and isolated hopes defining the new normal. A descent into barbarism, a robust state capitalism or an insurgence of untamed chivalry, a borderless world… Battle of the devil and God within or nature’s enraged curses and the blissful blessings… This and m

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Reincarnation of Love

By Sugata Sarkar in Poetry | Reads: 110 | Likes: 0

Moments gathered and created a passage of time, Winds breathed through the dust at the altars of the past. I stood by the Oracle of Gods in victory and in defeat, Came back again and again for a last glimpse of yours.   The tears of our children passed through the alley of time, They incinerated ou  Read More...

Published on Feb 16,2021 09:28 AM

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