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Suhail Malik

Entrepreneur, writer, Speaker, artist, poet
Entrepreneur, writer, Speaker, artist, poet

Suhail Malik was born and brought up in the beautiful town of  Kupwara in Kashmir. He spent the most beautiful two years in Rajasthan, in the course of his education in the Central University, when he was the recipient of the Gold Medal. ‘The Silence of Souls, Once his, now hers,’ is his debut novel and he believes that it will touch your heart and soul. Love is the most beautiful thing, is what he believes. If you haven’t lived a love life you haven’t lived life.  Suhail has worked as an independent researcher in the areas of Lean Accounting, Agri-Finance, Cashless Economy, and HealRead More...


The Silence of Souls

Books by Suhail Malik

It is very hard for me to explain that dark period of my life. After I came out of the party, I ran. I ran a lot; I don’t know how many kilometers I had covered, or who was crying, me or my heart.

Then I found myself on a bridge on that terrible night, and as I looked around, it was dark, calm, and silent. Hence I started crying again. I couldn’t control the tears which were rolling down my cheeks. Even my heart was drenched in the storm. Why am I c

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