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Sumeer Bhat


Sumeer Bhat is a mobility technical lead at Aruba, Hewlett Packard Enterprise.    He has been working in the networking industry for the last 22 years and is well known for his love of Wi-Fi. He has been designing and deploying complex Wi-Fi projects across India. He has been sharing his knowledge in networking seminars/conferences and has given Wi-Fi training to many engineers of large companies.Read More...

Demystifying Wi-Fi

Books by Sumeer Bhat

Billions of Wi-Fi enabled devices are shipped globally each year. Wi-Fi is an integral part of daily life. Everywhere you go, you’re likely to hear the term “Wi-Fi”. The demand for wireless access from users has shifted from a nice-to-have to a necessity. The advancements in Wi-Fi technology have made workplaces mobile. Because of mobility, users can have quick and easy access to data irrespective of their physical location, which improves user productiv

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