Dr Sumeet Suseelan

World Book Record Holder Aviation Author
World Book Record Holder Aviation Author

Dr. Sumeet Suseelan is a World record holder veteran aviation expert who has more than 15 years of aviation experience. He is the first Indian to be selected as a flight steward for one of the world’s top airlines, Air Asia, and was rated as one of the top 100 celebrities in Forbes India magazine in 2018. Aviation is his passion, and his life works are proof of the same. He is the only aviation author in Asia to write several books on aviation management which are being sold all over the world, every passing day. From bagging his first job in this field at a very young age to writing books aRead More...


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Aviation SMS

Books by Dr Sumeet Suseelan

Although aviation is among the safest modes of transportation in the world today, accidents still happen. In order to further reduce accidents and improve safety, proactive approaches must be adopted by the aviation community. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has mandated that all of its member states implement Safety Management System (SMS) programs in their aviation industries. While some countries have been engaged in SMS for a f

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Beyond the Cockpit!

Books by Dr. Sumeet Suseelan

This book will help the readers understand aviation management from the basics to the advanced level, covering the history and future of aviation, policies by IATA, ICAO and other related regulators, airport management, operations and functioning along with recent Government schemes to boost the aviation industry. Readers can refer to this book for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in aviation.


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