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Sumit Kumar

Sumit Kumar is working as an assistant manager at Andhra Bank. "Broken Memories" is Sumit's fourth book. Sumit does poetry, weaves stories, creates poems and gives his views on politics. He has written several articles on online portals such as Voice of Youth and Jammu Voice. Shayari in the bank and in his poetry often mention the bank. Sumit believes that the tawzzo should be given to the same thing which has a chance of winning you. That is why we write books. With a chance of winning.Read More...


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टूटी यादें

Books by सुमित कुमार

टूटी यादें मोहब्बत और रुस्वाई में बुनि हुई ज़िन्दगी का सारांश है। जिसमें ख्वाब हैं, तस्वीर हैं, इल्तेज़ा है, रौशनी है, सुकून है और हार है। ये किताब आपको अपने बीते हुए कल और आने वाले क

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The Rising Star- A Xaverian Story

Books by Sumit Kumar

It is set in the backdrop of St. Xavier's College, Ranchi. This book takes you through the journey of a boy, named Rahul who is ambitious and dreams of becoming a writer. This book takes you to the emotions and problems he faces while he pursues his dream and tries to maintain his relationship simultaneously. He is from Chemistry department while his beloved, Anjana belongs to the History Department. This story takes you to the different forms of emotions and lov

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