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Sunain Singh Banga

Sunain Banga is an Engineering student at the Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of Engineering in Mumbai. He has been fond of writing. Plays, poems, short fiction—he writes everything. He has authored an award-winning street play and two short films with Aura Productions, a full-length novel, and a few hundred blogs and articles. The Perfect Couple is his second novel, following his debut, The First Crush. He runs a blog where he shares his raw ideas and talks to and about his readers with their little “real-life fictions.” He reads, writes, and rhymes, awestruck by the strength oRead More...


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The Perfect Couple

Books by Sunain Singh Banga

She said she loves him,

He said he loves her,

They said they would last forever

But they were too young to know.

Welcome to The Perfect Couple, a story about Raman, a growing man in pursuit of his dreams, and Ananya, the love of his life, who dreams only of being locked in his arms. Ananya and Raman started dating when they were thirteen. They are the perfect couple—a couple we all look up to, as everyone says. But it has

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The First Crush

Books by Sunain Singh Banga

You may have had a Crush on someone.

You may have had a Girlfriend.

You may have had fallen in Love before.

But to how many of you did it happen at the age of 13?

Welcome to The First Crush, a story about two 13 year olds, a tale about a nerd who thought gossip and girls were a waste of time – Raman, and the princess of his nightmares – Ananya. The first love of Raman’s best friend – Ronak – ignites the spark of love in

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