Sundari Haran

Born into a family of educationists, Sundari Haran is one of the Founders for the chain of The Indian Public Schools, which first started in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu.   Having lived in the US for over 20 years, she has enjoyed meeting and working with people of different ethnic backgrounds. The exposure has led to many healthy debates on life topics, for which Hinduism almost always had answers through it's great epics and other scriptures - hence her deeply rooted interest in Hindu mythology. A very positive up-beat person, Sundari has a great penchant for a happy, healthy and meaningful liRead More...


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Mandodari’s Ravanayana

Books by Sundari Haran

In eternal dusk a ravaged Mandodari sits waiting... sitting there, alone a thousand years… scarred and naked without a shred of clothing, no defense against the elements, animal or man - questioning fate - challenging the ultimate. Her body filled with scars stand testimony to her suffering. Her desolate surroundings echo death and destruction. What were the sins committed by her to warrant such a punishment? Was it the hand of God or man? Would her silence

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