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Dr. Ashwinikumar Khandekar,Dr. Suneeti Ashwinikumar Khandekar,Dr. Rachana Jasani


Dr Ashwinikumar Khandekar is Consultant Nephrologist at CARE Hospital, Nagpur. He is keen to spread awareness about chronic kidney disease and renal replacement therapy. A gold medalist all throughout his career in medicine and nephrology, he feels the need to spread awareness about kidney diseases and its proper treatment. He is the current President of The Nephrology Society and a member of the Zonal Transplant Co-ordination Centre.


Dr. Suneeti Ashwinikumar Khandekar, MBBS, PGD in Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition (SNDT, Mumbai), MBA (Hospital Administration). After medical graduation and working in various esteemed hospitals and institutes, she studied nutrition in SNDT Mumbai.  She has a professional experience from the esteemed Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai where she worked as a dietitian. Currently, she is a Nutrition Consultant at Nagpur, Maharashtra. She is the author of the English version of this book, “Indian Diets in Kidney Diseases.”


Dr Rachana Jasani, PhD, RD (Registered Dietitian) has been trained at the esteemed institute Seth G S Medical College and KEM Hospital for dietary management of patients dealing with kidney diseases. She has been practicing as a Consultant Renal Dietitian at Apex Kidney Care, a chain of dialysis centers across the country since 2008. She has been an author for books named Nutrition Simplified for Dialysis patients, Nutrition Simplified for transplant patients and co-author of the English version of this book, “Indian Diets in Kidney Diseases”.


किडनी का स्वास्थ्य, हिंदुस्तानी स्वाद के साथ

Books by डॉ. अश्विनीकुमार खांडेकर, डॉ. सुनीती अश्विनीकुमार खांडेकर, डॉ. रचना जसानी

यह पुस्तक उन सभी के लिए है जो किडनी आहार की आवश्यकता महसूस करते हैं।

·         मरीज और उनकी देखभाल करने वाले

·         पोषण और आहार विज्ञान के छात्र

·         नर्सिंग छात्र


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Books by Dr. Suneeti Ashwinikumar Khandekar , Dr. Rachana Jasani

This book is for all who feel the need for Renal Diet :

·         Patients and their caregivers

·         Students of Nutrition and Dietetics

·         Nursing students.

·         Nursing staff in Dialysis Units

·         Post Kidney Transplant-Care Staff


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