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sunny sahni

S. Sahni is a literary fiction novelist and poet whose works explore the realms of both the purely imaginative and the subtle experiences of everyday life. A degree in English literature, Fine arts and Classical Indian music, and a career in teaching, enables him to draw inspiration and information from diverse sources and maintain an eclectic approach; although he believes in learning more from life itself. 

His novel The Story of Nothing has largely been drawn from his own observation of people and times, and bears strong autobiographical overtones. Set in the late 80s and early 90s in an Indian suburb, the novel takes the form of a literary narrative; almost like a consolidated diary entry of a little girl, but occasionally punctuated by philosophical retrospections.

He expresses his thoughts both in prose and poetry. When he is not writing, he is found indulging in art or music.



The Story of Nothing

Books by S. Sahni

An age undone, a childhood lost and a time bygone; The Story of Nothing is an account of nostalgic childhood memories of a girl who revisits her childhood home after fifteen years. A host of fond recollections come flooding in — as characters are reborn, events relived and objects resurface from the depths of memories. Far from being the story of any particular character, the book is a peek into the lives of the people of that suburban locality, a portrait g

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