ElsaMarie D’silva is the Founder of Red Dot Foundation, President of Red Dot Foundation Global and co-founder of Beyond Black. She is an experienced aviation professional who made a career switch in 2013 to the social sector in order to improve the lives of women, youth and senior citizens through awareness, interaction and education. Safecity is the first of her social projects. In the last ten years, ElsaMarie and her team have created a platform for women and girls (as well as men and boys) to report sexual and gender-based violence, upskill themselves on gender sensitivity and unconsciouRead More...


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SHE IS Water Sheroes

Books by ElsaMarie D'Silva, Supreet K Singh

She Is - Water Sheroes is the third book in the series amplifying women’s leadership in diverse fields - sustainability, STEAM and now water.

“We believe women’s leadership is important as it provides different perspectives on issues and challenges we currently face. Through the stories of the 29 women featured we have tried to showcase their unique styles of leadership that will provide reference points and models for others to be inspired. They

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Books by ElsaMarie D'Silva, Supreet K Singh

“This book showcases the journey of remarkable women who dared to create an inclusive  STEM ecosystem in India. It also highlights the need for a robust strategy to address the root causes of and solutions for gender imbalance in STEM, including the unconscious biases that women in science face.”

Kanta Singh, Deputy Representative, UN Women

This book celebrates gender, leadership, and sustainable development in the fields of STEAM.


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She Is

Books by ElsaMarie D'Silva

2021 is the beginning of the ‘decade of action’ to realise the Sustainable
Development Goals by 2030. It is imperative that every single person
understands the goals, becomes familiar with them and takes individual
and collective action to realise them if we want to live a quality life.

SDG 5 in particular talks about Gender Equality which in our view is central
to the realisation of the SDGs. Unfortunately in India, women i

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