Born in 1939 in Munger district of Bihar, Sri Surendra Chaudhary started his career as an assistant teacher in a government school in Gaya, Bihar. He followed the same career path with great zeal and honour. Finally, he was the principal of a higher secondary school in Katihar. He was a profoundly learned individual who had a huge knowledge base and gained immense popularity for his contemplative, creative genius which reflected in poems and articles penned by him in various popular dailies and magazines. He often relished companionship and unbound affection from Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, a towering figure in contemporary Hindi literature. Dinkar's ideas and poetic style had an enormous impact on him and it is quite conspicuously visible in his own poetic endeavours. He made an attempt to further calibrate the ideas and fundamentals of Dinkar's poetry collections. The poet was also honoured by Dinakar-ji himself in 1965.This marked the beginning of new era in his life and could further boost the prospects of establish himself as what many termed a rising star

He was a vigilant observer of his times and ambience. This is precisely the reason why he so successfully addressed the prime concerns of indiviuals who suffered a lot due to their social downfall and backwardness. Being a teacher, he had ample opportunities to try and understand the psyche of the youth and could evolve as a guiding principle to enlighten them in best possible ways. He was an ardent believer in the prospects and potential of the Indian youth and this permeates everywhere into his creative undercurrents. There are also persisting contradictions between his social concerns and individual mystical temperament that renders a genuine tone and substance to his creativity.



Books by सुरेंद्र कुमार चौधरी

बांसुरी..... इस एक शब्द में भारतीय सृजनशीलता के अंतरतम को अभिव्यंजित  कर सकनें की क्षमता है । भारतीय कला संस्कृति इतिहास और मिथकों की विरासत जैसे इस एक शब्द में समायी हुई है इसके

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