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Suresh Patwa


Learning and tourism are two passions twined into Shri Suresh Patwa, who is a retired Assistant General Manager of the State Bank of India. He presently resides in Bhopal, though he originally belongs to Sohagpur, Hoshangabad (Madhya Pradesh). He is Gold-Medallist graduate of Saugor University and while working with SBI, pursued his post-graduation, securing 2nd position in merit. He is a circumambulator who has encircled Narmada in part till now and has shared his own experience in the book. From a small branch of SBI in Bhedaghat (bank of river Narmada near Jabalpur) to apex office in MumbaiRead More...


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नर्मदा भारत के हृदयस्थल अमरकण्टक से निकलकर मध्यभारत की दो पर्वत ऋंखला विंध्य-सतपुड़ा मेखला के बीच निर्मल-निर्झर कल-कल बहती प्रदूषण मुक्त रेवांचाल, महाकौशल, बुंदेलखंड, मालवा, नि

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Books by सुरेश पटवा

यह पुस्तक रिश्तों की दैहिक, भावनात्मक और मनोवैज्ञानिक पहलुओं की विश्लेषणात्मक व्याख्या आधुनिक संदर्भ में प्रस्तुत करती है।

जिस प्रकार एक पौधे के जीवन के लिए माक़ूल-ज़मीन, ख

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Gulami Ki Kahani

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This book is a treatise on those Hundred years (1757_1857)  of struggle which bear testimony to the acts/stories of heroism , diplomacy, deception, treason, treaties, romanticism, and thrilling gallantry of Moguls, Marathas, Sikhs, Britishers, and innumerable Indians. This book is novel-like treatment of history devoid of its onerous and brooding connection with periods, dates. History of those Hundred Years is scattered and convoluted in numerous books and o

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