V.S.Sury is from Karnataka. He graduated as an electrical engineer in 1967. A bachelor by choice, now running on 78, he has retired from service and is living at Kolar. He developed a passion for writing after retirement. His previous novel, Jestus, was published in 2010. He has written a sequel, Jestus on Rampage, published by Roman Books. A third book, Fentoscience, is soon to be published. This is his fourth book. The fifth, Imposible Tales was releaed in November 2022. Sury loves leading a reclusive life, reading, and contemplating on Life.  Read More...


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Books by V.S.Sury

Move over, established way of scientific research. Unshakeable professor Bagdenborg has arrived. He has freed - no, emancipated - science from the restricting shackles of mathematics and exhausting labor of experimentation! But he does not abandon reasoning. Better; he has equipped it with the wings of imagination. The result is an immense cornucopia of mind-blowing scientific discoveries in fundamental physics. Go ahead and turn the pages.

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Books by V.S.Sury

The phenomena and events which occur (incessantly) in Nature are countless. But on careful observation, we can notice that some forms of common threads run across different platforms or fields. 

These fascinating parallels can be found amidst the world of human affairs also, apart from the natural, scientific laws and theories.

Look at how a very large unit (or organization, or organism, or machine) is very conveniently and smartly assembled

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Chekov's gun

By V.S.Sury in Crime Thriller | Reads: 3,174 | Likes: 5

    Chekov’s gun   Chekov’s gun, what it means – If something (like a gun) is mentioned in describing a scene, it must be used later in the story. Jimmy was seriously pondering the above advice to aspiring writers, which he had copied down in his notebook, with total  Read More...

Published on Jun 20,2022 11:42 AM

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