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Dr. Suryaprabha Shashidharan

Dr. Suryaprabha Shashidharan taught Philosophy at Govt. of Maharashtra’s colleges in Mumbai and retired as Reader in Philosophy. She has post-graduate degrees in Philosophy, and Education from Bombay University and a doctorate from Poona University. Increasingly drawn to the expanding parameters of Philosophy and its alliances with the sciences, and her own deepening insights into traditional Indian Philosophy, she sought voluntary retirement. She has continued her efforts at delving deeper into Samkhya, Yoga, and Advaita systems,Kashmir Shaivism, Buddhist metaphysics and studies of the Read More...


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Bhagavad Geeta for the New Millennial

Books by Suryaprabha Shashidharan

The book culminated from teaching-discussion sessions conducted by the author for over a decade in Mumbai. The students varied a lot; coming from various socio-economic strata, ranging from young adults to the elderly, some of whom were educated and professionally qualified, while others were not. The effort has always been to stimulate reflection, question unexamined beliefs, and opinions, and expose their hollowness, and irrationality, enable comprehension o

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By Dr. Suryaprabha Shashidharan in Poetry | Reads: 616 | Likes: 4


Published on Apr 2,2020 05:45 PM

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