Suzanne Franco


More than twenty four years have passed since the birth of democracy in South Africa and Suzanne Franco is proud and inspired by the commitment to equality and compassion of her Rainbow Nation. 


 Suzanne believes our modern society will be equally inspired by true stories of, sometimes forgotten, heroines. 


 Uncovering real-life drama intrigues Suzanne, and historical novels provide a platform for her inspiring story telling.


 “I’m passionate about bringing real characters to life in my novels.  I believe people in today’s world will live in hope by recognising women who have sacrificed so much to have an impact on history, and therefore, humanity."


 Suzanne’s debut historical novel, Exile Child, received exceptional reviews from major newspapers and magazines.  Suzanne has featured on many radio and TV shows and is often a guest motivational speaker at many South African government initiatives.


Exile Child

Books by Suzanne Franco

Torn from her South African tribe by Dutch settlers, sold as a slave, trapped in a world of debauchery and trickery, humiliated whilst living in early 19th century London and Paris, Sarah Bartmann clings desperately to her beliefs, and to the memories of her native land.

Exile Child is more than just her story. It is a tale of hope, of courage beyond human endurance, of the power of the human spirit, of a young woman who refuses to give in to the alien world into which she has been so violently thrust.

Exile Child is a historically correct and compassionate portrayal of one of South Africa’s most tragic heroines This story gives an insight into the hopes and dreams of this Sarah Bartmann, who through past centuries has come to symbolise both the dispossession of Africans and the reinstatement of women’s dignity.

This flesh and blood portrayal of Sarah Bartmann is in direct contrast to the caricature presented as “The Hottentot Venus,” that has been characterised by Western society for many centuries and this book follows Sarah’s final journey back to her homeland in 2002.

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Soul Force

Books by Suzanne Franco

Unlike most teenagers her age, in the face of danger and adversity, Valliamma Mudliar, showed no sign of fear.

Under the hardship of white oppression in South Africa during the early 1900’s, Valliamma and her Satyagrahi sisters are desperate to carry out their mission as they bravely march along endless dirt roads, pressing on across forbidden provincial borders. The Regime’s brutal and unforgiving law enforcement waiting for them – weapons in hand.

“Valliamma, you do not regret having gone to jail?” Mohandas Gandhi asked the ailing girl.

”I am now ready to go to jail again, if arrested, even in my fragile state.” Valliamma replied, peacefully.

Undaunted, Valliamma felt privileged to be a part of Gandhi’s South African Satyagraha force. But can such dedication sustain her strength and courage to complete her treacherous journey? At sixteen, Valliamma digs deep to undertake a dangerous course that unimaginably changes her life - as well as the lives of a Nation.

Valliamma found herself no longer a child, not yet a woman, but an activist.

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