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Swami Sushantha was born in 1969 at Namakkal, Tamilnadu, India. In Aug 1993 while serving at Indian Bank, he encountered his Guru and thus made him as full-time volunteer of the Isha Yoga Center since 1995. By Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, in the year 1996, he got initiated into Brahmacharya and by 2006 in the sacred path of sanyas. In the year 2003, he undertaken parivarajaka life (living as wandering monk) and traveled by walk from south to north up to Kedarnath and returned back. He became first Shivanga and by the order of his Guru, he became a full-time volunteer for the newly formed charitableRead More...


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Himalay Main Ek Pralay

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For all the spiritual seekers, devotees, adventurists who want to experience a bit of living on the edge before the ultimate departure, this book is for you!

Imaiyatthil Oru Prilayam is a recollection of an intense, life-threatening experience during the Himalayan tsunami that devastated the sacred Kedarnath in June 2013. The author captured the events witnessed in those devastating hour’s ­– the loss of life, the pain during those last moments and

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