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Entrepreneur & Author
Entrepreneur & Author

SWAPNIL is an entrepreneur having over thirty years of experience in diverse businesses he has created successfully. As an entrepreneur, he was challenged to take compelling decisions and he chose riskier options with conviction, which led him to create financial independence and attain fulfilment in his career and life. Being an ardent learner of different philosophies, a keen observer of human behaviour, and an avid traveller helped him in deriving answers to his quest for the meaning of his existence and searching for the answers to difficult questions which life thrusts at us every day. HeRead More...

Your Next Self

Books by Swapnil Pawar

What would inspire you to achieve massive success in wealth creation, financial independence, create happiness, and have long-lasting and fulfilling relationships?

How can you overcome your obstacles and daily challenges and move away from a life of continuous struggle and suffering?

How can you become the person you have always dreamed of being?

The incidents, events, and real-life experiences of the author shared in this book shall bring

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