Indie Author Championship #6

Swaraj Bhatia

Swaraj Bhatia is a drama-thriller genre novelist from Indore. Formerly, he worked in several industries such as graphics designing, sales, and content and is also a musician. He played the lead actor in the children’s film Hum Hain Bharatwasi at the age of 10. Swaraj is now dedicating his entire time to his vocation of writing.  The writing method of Swaraj is articulate, informative, and illuminating, which paints a picture in the reader’s mind as if they are present inside the story. He is a gripping storyteller whose characters can relate to his readers and invoke empathy.  He extensiRead More...

अवर डेज़

Books by स्वराज भाटिया

तथ्य : इस उपन्यास में वर्णित सभी स्थान, संगठनों के नाम और खोजें वास्तविक हैं।

क्या होगा, अगर आपसे कहा जाये कि आप एक युद्ध को रोक सकते हैं?

एक पूर्व सीआइए एजेंट,अपने पूर्व नौ-सै

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Our Days: A Survival Odyssey

Books by Swaraj Bhatia

Fact: All the locations, organizations, and discoveries mentioned in this book are true.

What if you’ve been told you can stop a war?

An ex-CIA agent, her retired Navy SEAL husband, and a veteran spy must survive the deadly siege of Gaza, unarmed, on a covert coalition mission to extract vital intel and stop the war from taking an apocalyptic turn.

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By Swaraj Bhatia in True Story | Reads: 556 | Likes: 6

“I have been in love before, just was never was with someone, “David divulged, as he and Kevin loitered inside the mall  “Someone broke your heart?” asked Kevin, “Nah, she simply refused even to take it,” David jested, stating his brutal truth. Kevin giggl  Read More...

Published on May 28,2020 07:28 AM

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