Dr. Swarn Singh

Dr Swarn Singh was born in Amritsar, a historical city of Punjab, India. He did his medical education at Government Medical College, Amritsar and completed his M.B.B.S. in 1974. After doing medical service in rural areas he got his posting as Registrar medicine Medical College, Amritsar and got opportunity to go in for post-graduation in general medicine. However, he took a detour to a different destination. He appeared for the Indian Civil Services Examination in 1981 and entered into the Indian Administrative Service in 1982. He took voluntary retirement from the post of Principal Secretary Cultural Affairs, Archeology, Archives and Museums. He is a man of integrity with honest work culture and ethics, due to this; he had to face the ire of many top politicians. One such instance drew wide media attention and “India Today” magazine of October, 1994, published an article “Rebels with a Cause" on such type of officers of India who took a stand against rogue politicians and their illegal activities, Dr. Swarn Singh as DC Mansa was specially included.

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It’s a matter of great concern that of the 6.784 billion people living on this planet, only a very small fraction of people know about the working of their minds. Out of ignorance, they don’t know what they are doing. They are filled with desires. While some are god-fearing, others kill their fellow human beings. The race for money is visible in most of them. To top it all off, man makes lethal weapons to kill the rest just to attain superiority and to earn more money. The only way to humanize them is through knowledge, meditation and reprogramming the sub-conscious mind. If it happens even with a portion of the world population, world tension shall reduce remarkably. If humans are clean from the inside, bad ideas will not surface. Majority of the people will have millions of ideas, and most of them work. They are not well versed with functioning of the collective consciousness of their minds. However, if it happens, men will advance amazingly as far as the welfare of himself and others are concerned. Let us unite and understand the language of the sub-conscious mind and its reprogramming to utilize for personal development and development of all.

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