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Kanha learns Honesty

Books by Kids Eq Box

It's never too early for children to learn how important it is to be truthful.

This story portrays how a mother's love is unconditional and it can help a child in choosing the path of truth.

Kanha, being a bubbly child used to enjoy butter and butter milk and this desire of his, makes him take the path of dishonesty. Mother Yashoda with her love, compassion and insightfulness, tactfully manages the situation and helps Kanha choose the right

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Radha Krishna's Colors of Holi

Books by Kids Eq Box

This is the story of Krishna, the prankster & his friend Radha.

Krishna has thrown water on Radha & she is upset.

She says something means in her anger which hurts her friend Krishna.

However, Radha has a beautiful plan to bring a smile back on her friend's face while teaching all of us an important lesson that people are different from each other &. They look different, but we all have beautiful hearts.

Like a beautiful rai

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King Hirankashyapu & Brave Prahlad

Books by Kids Eq Box

This book is about the mighty King Hiranyakashyapu and his brave son Pralhad. The story revolves around each of their different belief systems. One was blinded with anger as he had pride & ego, and the other was calm as he believed in GOD.

The story shows how the calm yet courageous child wins over the angry King, conveying that good is always victorious! The story teaches us to burn away all our fears and evil thoughts. And that is what the burning of

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Books by Kids Eq Box

This book is about the child inside all of us. Little dilemmas we face and how Bhagavad Gita can help us overcome them.

The protagonist is a boy named Arjun, who is courageous & intelligent. He is excited about his annual sports day and has participated in its race; he practices hard but comes second.

Then what happens to him? Who writes him letters now and then? What does he learn from those letters?

All those letters are from Bhagavad

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Tim's Adventure to the North

Books by Swati Garg

Tim & Jim set out on an adventure. They want to meet Santa Clause. On the way, they find a puppy in need of some help. Tim is thinking of ways to help the puppy. Jim, however, is not willing to help the puppy out.

What happens next? Would Tim be able to convince Jim to help out the puppy? Would they be successful in this quest to find Santa Clause?

Read "Tim's adventure to the north" to find out.

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Five Brave Puppies

Books by Sara Agrawal

Age group - 2 to 6

A story about puppies who part from their mother one day.

It’s a beautiful story that shows that these puppies work together without losing hope of finding their mother.

This story portrays the fantastic bond these puppies have with each other & how they support each other in a difficult situation.

It has been written with a lot of love & dedication by 10-year-old Sara Agrawal.

Hope you enjoy rea

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Vin & Jim Paint Together

Books by Swati Garg

Jim is waiting patiently for his elder brother, Vin, to finish a painting. The painting comes out beautifully and Vim is proud of himself. However, the painting gets accidentally spoilt by Jim.


Will Vin understand and forgive?

Will he show empathy towards his younger sibling?


With this tale of two brothers, kids learn that mistakes happen, but how we react and resolve it, is the key to happiness and

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Books by Swati Garg

This book is a look inside Raavan’s heart. Raavan was an excellent ruler and a very strong and intelligent person. This is the story of how his anger and ego resulted in his and his country’s destruction. Whenever we face any conflict, we have the option of solving it in a peaceful manner through talking it out. Violence only results in destruction and that is the highlight of this book. A look inside Raavan’s heart would help children realiz

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For I am mother, I love you all!

By Swati Garg in Poetry | Reads: 292 | Likes: 0

I am crying as I can see one of my children suffering, Even though it inevitably means that all my other kids are healing. For I am a mother, it was my passion to nurture you all, For I am a mother, it was my devotion which flourished you all. I love you all; some are with me, some I have lost. M  Read More...

Published on Mar 26,2020 12:42 AM

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