Syed Musheeruddin Ahmed

SYED MUSHEERUDDIN AHMED was born in Warangal, Telangana. He attained his education from Kakatiya University, Warangal, Telangana. He is from a middle-class family, with high values, and he is proud to be an Indian. After his MBA, he moved to Saudi Arabia to start his career and currently he works in a private company in Saudi Arabia. Syed M. Ahmed started writing this book about two years ago and he wants to make writing as his career and to become a successful fiction writer. Apart from writing, he loves photography. Follow at:  Instagram: syed.ahmed15 Facebook Id: syed.musheermba@gmaiRead More...


The Zektokang

Books by Syed Musheeruddin Ahmed

Marshall Miller, a graduate anthropology student, is passionate about discovery and dreams to become a great archaeologist. He shares this very dream with his girlfriend, Ellen Warren. They both begin their first expedition right after their graduation and stumble upon something strange and unique. Along with a team and backed up by the Archaeological Institute and the army, they set out to find the mysteries of the ocean which turn out to be more ancient and

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By Syed Musheeruddin Ahmed in Fantasy | Reads: 1,393 | Likes: 3

“ZOORKO”   five kids who play together among them three boys - Cyrus, Raj and Rohan and two girls - Pinky and Reena, when they were playing one of them found an old cabin near abandon house.   Raj reached to hide near cabin but he saw something strange, he called his friends, w  Read More...

Published on Oct 13,2022 08:06 PM


By Syed Musheeruddin Ahmed in Supernatural | Reads: 1,170 | Likes: 2

Once upon a time in a village called Glassdo there lived some families which are very far from the Abroozooka Kingdom.   Due to frequent storms in the village of Glassdo, the families who lived in the village built underpass routes with rocks and sand, they have even arranged some lights with t  Read More...

Published on Mar 24,2020 01:06 PM

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