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Syed Habeeb

Syed Habeeb, popularly known as Coach Habeeb, is a mechanical engineer-turned-motivational speaker and a trainer of international repute. He is currently the Director of an IT company in Bangalore, heading the human resources function and is also an ardent social entrepreneur. While pursuing business, he realized the importance of training and underwent a series of learning programs, including neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), multiple intelligence (MI) and emotional intelligence [EI]. Over the past two decades, Habeeb has been instrumental in integrating these methods. His popular motivational modules, Jack in Your Box, Giant Leap, Ants to GiAnts, YES, Parenting360 and Teachers360 are a runaway success with participants. Habeeb’s style of engagement with the audience is entertaining, energetic and transformational. He has trained over 43,000 people across India, UAE, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. He has been featured on television in India and Saudi Arabia on youth empowerment. He has also been featured in Economic Times, a business daily, apart from many regional newspapers. He has delivered a talk on effective parenting on FM Radio Malaysia.

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