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Syed Habeeb (Coach Habeeb) is an international leadership guru, author and entrepreneur. He serves on various boards and is the founder trustee of The United Foundation, a Bangalore-based NGO and the President of Mercy Mission a conglomerate of NGOs in India. Habeeb conducts coaching, training and consultation engagements in India, UAE, Malaysia, Brunei and KSA and has trained over 58,000 people, including delegates from Toyota, Saudi Consulate of Engineers, Emirates Airlines, Govt. of Karnataka, CDOT, Govt. of India, Cognizant and Indian Institute of Science IISC to name a few. His first selfRead More...

Tie Your Camel

Books by Syed Habeeb

From the moment we wake up till the time we touchdown into our pillow, all we really do is dream before we start dreaming again in the depth of our slumber. The only difference between the dreams of the day and those of the night is that the former can be executed in absolute reality while the latter need to be deciphered. Then why is it that most of the people around us fail to achieve the dreams they so passionately aspire to? Turning the question around, ho

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The Warrior Within You

Books by Syed Habeeb

If you wish to ignite the dormant spark in your heart and fuel your dreams, this ride is just for you. Based on a true story, this book explains the success tools and methods of NLP [neuro-linguistic programming] in a manner that is simple, understandable and applicable in real life.

Discover the warrior within you as you journey with young and untamed Hatim, the central character in the story. As the narrative unfolds, learn the art of

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