Indie Author Championship #6

Tanish Venkatesh

Tanish Venkatesh is a teenager who has been fascinated by history from a young age. He loves to narrate stories of Indian history and visit historic monuments. He also writes poems on varied subjects. His other interests include dinosaurs, singing, sports and drawing. He plans on writing more books on Indian revolutionaries and the Indian war for independence, 1857.Read More...

Maratha Samrajya

Books by Tanish Venkatesh

In the 16th century, invaders looked upon Hindustan with the dream of annexing it. They relentlessly attacked Hindustan’s small villages, torturing, looting, burning houses, and destroying temples. But in the 17th century, a young boy named Shivaji, stood up to fight those invaders and lit the lamp for Swarajya (Independence). He along with his comrades, rebelled and managed to recapture Maharashtra and some parts of Karnataka. His legacy was later continued

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