Tanisha Kothari

Sometimes after reading the book, we not only love the content of the book but also the thinking and effort put in by the author. Our young poetess, Tanisha Kothari, born on 20 April, 2000 in the state of Rajasthan has written about some things which most of us forget to appreciate and also fail to notice at times. She started writing in 2010 in 5th standard and kept improving with each new poem she wrote. Now, completing her 12th grade from Chennai, she is looking forward to publishing her first book. She writes poems on topics at extreme ranges and gives a beautiful side to all the little faRead More...


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My Heart Speaks

Books by Tanisha Kothari

Hey! Need a button to restart life?

No, you don't need to restart, you need to relive. Relive with the birds, winds and the various little things that give positive vibes. Relive with your friends and family. Relive with the words and their definitions. Relive to when the creative, the thinker and the dreamer in you was awake. How about reliving your life in a book of some poems which let you imagine, notice and think about life all over again in an amaz

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