Tanuja Krishnan

This is Tanuja Krishnan’s first book.  Her interest in writing quotations led to her writing a book. Outside of writing, Tanuja is interested in music, especially playing the guitar. Another one of her passions is horse riding.  She also enjoys reading books, travelling, and hanging out with her friends.Read More...


I Met My Love In Paris @ 26

Books by Tanuja Krishnan

MJ believed that she was born to be with him. As he believed in destiny, he did not want to express his love for her until he was sure that she would reciprocate his feelings. On the day when he expressed his love for her she, couldn’t accept it and she hid her feelings for him. Situations pushed them apart. Days passed, and MJ waited for his lover to come back to him.

Teena met someone in her city, and was going to move in with him, but her life too

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