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Thejaswini Unni


Thejaswini is an extensive traveler and conscious living geek, who is in constant awe at the everydayness of things and how zen need not be seen as an esoteric concept, but exists in the here and now. Over the last few years, she has been on a journey to explore the power of seeking grace in everyday things and connecting to our true selves.Read More...


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Finding Zen, Here and Now

Books by Thejaswini Unni

Too often, in the rush of daily living, we dismiss the omnipresent grace of the universe. What does it take to recognize this, respect it, and use external metaphors to dig deeper within ourselves? By finding zen in the here and now and in everyday things, each one of us can begin the journey to connect to our true selves.

This book uses poetry and journaling as a means to allow you to explore your self in a conscious, mindful way. The collection of car

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