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The author, as a medical practitioner, enjoyed a very successful practice and had opportunities to meet every category of people. He provided the best services one can think of to the society from the early 1970s and at the same time observed the deteriorating conditions of life around him and on earth. His interactions with diverse people, experiences and wide reading helped him pinpoint what tortured families and brought about socio-economic, environment-related and other evils, culminating in climate change. He also learnt how people from sorrowful conditions regained a life with dignity peace and happiness.

The author feels that humanity will certainly regain a happy peaceful life when they understand those truths and make appropriate plans and policies. So he started writing his first book which turned out to be a big one. Then, he condensed it in the second book and highlighted climate change.

He feels sad that his ideas have not started influencing the people and so has brought out this smaller book. Consequential discoveries of the past took time to gain acceptance, so he too hopes to see such days.


Discovery of the Century

Books by DR. S.J.P. THOMPSON

Great inventors and discoverers sacrificed a lot to give us food and energy security, freedom from diseases, diverse gadgets, fast travel, unending entertainments and many more. Yet, despite that grand life civilised humanity is not enjoying the much needed dignity, freedom, happiness, peace and hope because of our inability to conquer evils such as poverty, crime, violence, terrorism, pollution, environmental degradation, mass migrations, global warming, and

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