TV Jong

  TAKU Victor JONG is holder of a doctorate degree in African Literature, specialized in orature, drama and theatre arts. He is a playwright and adapting artist of folk tales to plays, film scripts and comic strips. He is also an advocate for environmental protection and a peace crusader. He is presently a Senior Lecturer and Coordinator of the Performing and Visual Arts Unit in the Department of English at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Bueain Cameroon. He has written and directed twenty-four radio plays currently being broadcast over Cameroon Radio and Television Corporation (Read More...


Red Marks

Books by TV JONG

Red Marks is a compelling satire about sexual harassment, otherwise known as sexually transmissible marks, a canker worm which is eating deep into the fabric of the society. The plot of the play revolves around the personal dilemma of Laura, an innocent University undergraduate with powerful emotions and rare determination who becomes the unwitting target of the concupiscence of the self-righteous philanderer, Bao.

Will she succeed in escaping

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