Uday Arumilli: Was born and brought up in a small village called “VENTURU” located in Andhra Pradesh, India. He is a post graduate in Computer Science from Andhra University College of Engineering.  He is having a decade experience with Microsoft SQL Server in designing, developing, administrating, maintaining and optimizing enterprise database systems for the world class organizations. He is having a rich experience in building database applications using one of the finest platforms “SQL Server” with the lowest possible cost. He is also experienced in freelancing, blogging and consulting database solutions.  Currently, he is associated with a database architect role and architecting Microsoft SQL Server database systems with specific focus on cloud.  You can find more about the author and material related to these topics on his blog.  He can be reached through his personal email, blog, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Blog:                www.udayarumilli.com

Email:              udayarumilli@gmail.com

LinkedIn:        http://in.linkedin.com/in/udayarumilli

Facebook:        https://www.facebook.com/udayarumilli


Twitter:           https://twitter.com/udayarumilli 



Books by ఉదయ్ ఆరుమిల్లి

మేనల్లుడి కోసం ఉన్న ఒక ఎకరాన్ని అమ్మేసిన మేనమామ కథ. యావత్ ప్రపంచం చేత కీర్తించబడ్డ ఒక తెలుగింటి ఆడపడుచుని “దేవుడు ఉన్నాడని మీరు నమ్ముతారా?” అంటే, ఆమె “ఉన్నాడు” అని ని

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SQL the One

Books by Uday Arumilli

Congratulations! You are going to WIN your next SQL Server interview. “SQL The One” book can guide you to achieve the success in your next interview. This book covers Microsoft SQL Server interview experiences, questions and answers for a range of SQL DBA’s and SQL Server Professionals. All of these questions have been collected from the people who attended interviews at various multinational companies across the world. It also covers “How to prepare f

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