S V Upendra Charya

A committed freelancer, S V Upendra Charya has more than six hundred published articles to his name. People, places, art, culture, education, environment, social and public issues. He has written news features on all such topics in the last 30 years. Most of his articles were mainly published in Deccan Herald, The Indian Express, The Times of India, The Hindu and also in many popular Kannada news dailies and magazines.


A post graduate from Mysore University, Upendra Charya has also done LLB from Bangalore University. Having worked many years  for the public sector ITI in Bangalore   he had opted for a voluntary retirement to be a full-time freelancer.  Even when he worked for ITI, he had consistently pursued his long-cultivated passion for freelance writing. He has five compilation books to his name – the books comprising of his articles published in various news journals. The Wanderings That Made Headlines is his second book published by Notion Press. His first compilation book, The Issues That Made News, was released in March 2019 by Notion Press. 



The Issues That Made News

Books by S V Upendra Charya

He is from an obscure village near Bangalore. He has been roaming the streets of the city since his childhood. He is inseparable from his pet cow and drum on which depends his livelihood. If he and his family get a square meal, that is a lucky day for him.


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