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Usha Archana

Usha Archana is a woman who broke away from the mold of being a traditional Indian Housewife. Circumstances made her confident, courageous, compassionate, and mature.  After completing a master’s degree in Science & Mathematics, she went on to become a Senior Information Technology Professional and is now in retirement. Owing to her global exposure in the field, she is well-rounded, with a charming personality and keen intellect. This makes her popular among family and friends! Read More...


Being a Cactus

Books by Usha Archana

This book is an autobiography of the author, who has had a roller coaster ride with professional highs and lows in her career, periods of exhilaration and challenges in her personal life and a destiny that forced her to become the pillar of support for her family and friends. Just like the cactus that survives under the most arid conditions, this author has been able to cope with a life of adversity. The book attempts to highlight the fact that even ordinary p

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