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Second Beginning is the debut novel of  V.S.Vijaylakshmi, pen name Meenu.  She was born and brought up in different cities in India, she is the daughter of a retired Army Colonel. A vivid sports person during her college days, she enjoys  reading and writing  during her free time which is rare after marriage. She started making a note  of the smallest of the incidents and thus came up with the idea of  writing  this book. She lives in Chennai with her family. To get in touch with Vijaylakshmi, kindly email her at  [link removed].  Read More...


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Books by MEENU

The Brave Never Die is the story of a man who sets out to pursue a career in the Indian Army. Does he succeed in achieving his dreams?

Interwoven with many inspiring true incidents highlighting the tough yet exciting life of our brave soldiers, human emotions – love, camaraderie, the wars they fought, the sacrifices they made and the courage they displayed at the line of duty. 

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Second Beginning

Books by Meenu

Life is too complex nowadays, with a scramble for money and success. In this race, the affection and trust between spouses are affected.

People believe marriages are made in heaven and realized on earth. Then why are there mismatches? Why do spouses quarrel ? Are there any straight forward answers to such questions?

A young woman faces challenges of a loveless marriage. How does she cope up with the consequences ?

The author has penned down

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