After an eventful scientific career stretching over thirty years, Dr. Rampal got interested in the study and writing on spirituality and religious philosophy. He has written extensively for over twenty years now on religion, human values and the spiritual side of life. He has published many books on the themes of science and religion, ethics and spirituality and the need to imbibe human values in this age of competition, dominance, wealth and status.   Read More...


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Short Stories

Books by Dr. V.V. Rampal

The book contains stories about human values in our lives that we have cherished over centuries, and which continue to enrich our lives even today. In the advanced technological age, they retain their importance and balance our personalities. They make society stable and give meaning to our lives. They have particular significance for the growing generation that shapes the world of tomorrow.


The stories are fictional, but they relate to life a

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A Stream of Thoughts

Books by Dr. V.V. Rampal

In this technology-driven world, we are overwhelmed by the variety of activities that concern mainly the material side of life. This makes our lives one-sided. To balance this, we need to increase our spiritual quotient and include ethics and morality as necessary components of life.

A Stream of Thoughts is about balancing our lives. We need to cultivate habit forms that neutralise the negativity in our lives. The suggestions are in thought form

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Musings of a Free Mind

Books by V. V. Rampal

In the present technology-oriented environment, expectations, material achievements and desire for comforts has made life move away from human values and social concern. This book tries to strike a balance between the scientific way of life and the ethical aspects that need to counter the negative tendencies. It further emphasizes through thoughts expressed mostly in dialogue and story form, the need to humanize life in the mad rush of materialism. The ideas a

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Books by V V RAMPAL

The book contains thoughts on nature and values of life, the traditional living styles and the need to connect within in order to improve the social and spiritual quotient in every day life. It works on the theme of living a religious life with the temprament of a scientist. It emphasises the importance of combining humanistic view with the spiritual side of life, bringing out a rational outlook that strengthens faith. It is a book for those who value goodness

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