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Vaimitra Chandrasehar


Twelve year old Vaimitra Chandrasehar has come out with her fourth book, which is the part 3 of The Great adventures of Ally and Albert-“When Life is an Adventure, Literally! Vaimitra has authored 3 other books. She takes interest in art, music, reading and photography. She has also rendered her voice for music albums and rhymes. She is also a grade six student of Crea-Shakthi school of drama. She wrote her first book –“Take a break”, at the age of seven, making her the youngest author in Chennai. Her second and third books are The great adventures of Ally and Albert Part 1 and The GreRead More...


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The great Adventures of Ally and Albert -Part 3

Books by Vaimitra Chandrasehar

Eleven-year-old Ally and her little brother Albert, along with their friends are going on a secret mission with Witcho and Wizardo.  Something goes wrong! Something that is very important in the magic world goes missing! Ally, her friends, Witcho and Wizardo need to leave on their mission. Find out what happens on the secret mission and enjoy the adventure! 

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The Great Adventures of Ally & Albert- Book 2


Hi, friends! Remember, Ally and her friends are in the Stone Age with Wizardo. Will they be able to thrive there forever? If they decide to come back, will it be possible? Wizardo has lost his magical powers! Who will help them now? Who are the mysterious visitors? Earthlings or Extra-terrestrials? Are they creepy or friendly? Read on to find out where the magic spell leads them!

The Mysterious Visitors is the second part of the book, Th

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The Great Adventures of Ally & Albert

Books by Vaimitra Chandrasehar

Imagine! One day, suddenly a wizard appears in front of you, and grants you all your wishes! It’ll be the most wonderful thing, right? And what if the wizard were to stay with you forever?

This is the story of nine-year-old Ally, a bubbly little girl, and her brother Albert. They are a naughty yet creative duo, keeping their parents’ and grandparents’ hands always full. The siblings are all set for an adventurous trip to Stone Age—their journey i

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