P. Varadarajan (Varad)

"P.Varadarajan (Varad) became a banker by accident and that one lasted some 35 years in various countries, mercifully without seriously adverse consequences to banking or the author.  This period of romancing with numbers had not diminished the author’s desire to romance with words.  His interests are varied – Golf, Cricket and Tennis being balanced with Carnatic Music, Old Hindi and Thamizh film songs, reading and good food.  He lives in Bangalore with his dear wife, Praneeta and their two sons live in the USA.  Varad can be reached at Read More...


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Books by P. Varadarajan (Varad)

Grey Hair Talking has a set of Breezy essays on a variety of contemporary subjects, where content is easily blended with an adorable love for the English language. The idea is not to preach or pass judgment, but to see a smile on the reader’s face. If you fret that these days people take everything too seriously and have lost the ability to indulgently laugh at others and at themselves in a harmless fashion, this book could be the antidote you would

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