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Varun L. Rupani

Varun L. Rupani has been a practising graphologist for the past several years and has conducted numerous courses in India, especially in Mumbai, for his individual and corporate clients. His list of clients includes Psychologists, HR Professionals, Doctors, Lawyers, Businessmen, Actors and many more. Additionally, Varun L. Rupani has proved himself successful in the field of Face Reading, Numerology and Statement Analysis. Being a two times Gold Medallist and having achieved a Proficiency Certification in his College life, he has also achieved abundant knowledge in the field of Advertising andRead More...

Secretive Numbers, Mysterious Destiny

Books by Varun L. Rupani

Every relationship goes through ups and downs and no matter how much ever you try to be happy together, there will be times when two individuals will stand opposite each other because of different views on the same point. At this point, how you handle the situation and understand each other shows maturity and strength in the relationship. 

This numerology book based on relationship compatibility will not tell you who will win or lose the discussions an

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One Face, Many Traits

Books by Varun L. Rupani

Key Features:

- The only book on face reading that allows you to connect digitally and see real-life photos instead of drawings and sketches. Visit to check out the real-life photos.

- The only book on face reading that allows you to connect with the real-life experiences of the author through interesting stories.

- The only book on face reading that not only gives you knowledge but also motivates you to ta

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Right Writer, Wrong Traits.

Books by Varun L. Rupani

When your mother asked you to neaten up your handwriting, she wasn’t kidding. For, the way you write has a direct impact on the way your personality shapes up. Similarly, the way your letters curl on paper, the pressure you apply while writing, the sharpness of your strokes and other aspects of your handwriting provide a good indication of your current state of mind.

Clues to your character are everywhere. From your choice of phone apps to your intern

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