Vedula VLN Murthy

Vedula VLN Murthy is an architect and a teacher. He worked as a principal in Govt. Polytechnic Colleges, Andhra Pradesh, in the Dept. of Technical Education and Training, for about thirty-four years. He is retired and presently lives in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, India. During his teaching career, he became an inspirer and a writer. His earlier books published were on architecture and inspiration. His areas of interests are – inspiring youth, art of speaking and writing, human values, heritage, spirituality, studies in history, art, architecture, photography, philosophy, tours, listening to Indian classical music, finding beauty and similarity in all religions. Naga Sundari, the wife of Vedula VLN.Murthy is a post graduate in Telugu and Sanskrit. She taught for about 25 years in a private Women's Degree college in Kakinada. She is interested in Karnatic classical music, listening to Mythology, teaching to children, art of cooking etc. Read More...

From Religion to Spirituality

Books by Vedula VLN Murthy

Do you depend on external sources for most things? Do you feel fear or confusion?

Then, this book is a must read. If god exists in everyone and everywhere then why search outside and why fight each other? Free yourself from superstitions. Fill your heart with divine thoughts and ideals. Put in sincere efforts and watch the results blossom. No anti-social thoughts, no exploitation, no blind belief of something external to work for you or transform

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